Indiana Community Network Association

The following claims were submitted and approved by the ICNA board on April 23, 1997.

Item #1:

John Grimmer                                                      $361.59

        $ 53.53 Dinners while interviewing prospective ICNA liaisons
        $121.62 Personal Telephone Expenses
        $ 26.44 ICNA 800 Service
        $150.00 ICNA AIIN Billwatch subscription
        $ 10.00 ICNA Corporate Filing Fee with Secretary of State

Item #2

Mark Whitman                                                      $ 80.86

        Photocopying of Board Policy Manuals at Kinkos 
        (12/10/96 & 01/13/97)

Whaley moves that claims submitted by John Grimmer and Mark Whitman be

Mark Whitman:

We have a motion.  Do we have a second?

Marti Miller:


Mark Whitman:
Hearing no discussion, I'd like to call for the vote.  Please vote AYE to
pay the claims, and NAY not to pay the claims.

Carol Derner            Aye
John Grimmer            Abstain
Alan Harvey             Aye
Georgia Miller          Did not vote
Marti Miller            Did not vote
John Wallace            Aye
Roger Whaley            Aye

By a vote of 4-0, the ICNA Board has approved paying the claims as submitted. 

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