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  1. Special meetings scheduled in accordance with the Board By-Laws must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date.

  2. The date, time and place of all Board meetings will be announced to the general membership no later than one week prior to the meeting date.

  3. The President will submit a final agenda to the Board no later than one week prior to each meeting.

  4. A final agenda will be electronically distributed to the general membership and posted to the ICNA website at least five days prior to each meeting.

  5. Directors may participate in meetings of the Board of Directors by electronic means, including but not limited to the use of electronic mail (e-mail), facsimile (fax), and conference telephone or similar communications means. Participation by suc h means shall constitute presence in person at such meetings. Any action of the Board of Directors taken at an electronic meeting where a majority of the Board of Directors participate shall constitute the action of the Board of Directors. Electronic m otions that are duly seconded may be accepted by the Board of Directors for consideration except when a Director states an objection to the specific motion by written or electronic means. Objections shall be directed to the President of the Board of Dire ctors. Action by the individual members of the Board of Directors shall be posted to the ICNA-m list, and the record of the vote thereafter posted to the written minutes of the Board of Directors by the Secretary.


The Annual meeting of the general membership will be held at 1:00 p.m., in Indianapolis, the first Tuesday of every May.


  1. ICNA Board Members will be reimbursed for travel and other reasonable expenses incurred directly as a result of their service to ICNA.

  2. Use of personal vehicles will be reimbursed at the currently approved Federal rate, according to state-accepted tables for distances between cities and towns.

  3. Each request for mileage reimbursement must indicate the date of the trip, the starting location, the location(s) in the order to which they were traveled, the ending location, and the purpose of the trip.

  4. Other expenses (e.g. telephone, travel, photocopying, etc.) will be reimbursed if requests for reimbursement are accompanied by receipts.

  5. Procedure for reimbursements and other payment claims:

    1. Requests for reimbursements must be submitted to the Executive Director at least ten days prior to the next meeting of the Board.

    2. Prior to each meeting of the Board, the Executive Director will prepare a claims report that will be made available to the Board with the meeting's agenda.

    3. Claims will be reviewed and discussed by the Board at its meeting. The Board will authorize payment for those claims it accepts, and the Treasurer will be directed to make payment within 10 days of this authorization.

    4. The Executive Director will turn over all claims and receipts to the Treasurer, and the Treasurer will maintain a permanent record of these items for future audit.

Board Policy Manual
Last Revised 6/30/97
Section 2.0, Page - 2.0

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