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4.01 PURPOSE - To generate revenue for ICNA and to establish partnerships that will promote the goals and objectives of ICNA.


  1. An Associate Member shall be a non-voting member of ICNA. Associate membership shall be attained by accepting a Board invitation for membership and paying the annual dues as required by the Board.
  2. The Board shall establish the annual dues for each Associate Member.


ICNA Associate Members in good standing will be those members which:

  1. Have paid the annual membership fee as set by the ICNA Board.
  2. Are not knowingly violating or in conflict with:
    1. The mission, policies or standards of ICNA.
    2. The mission, policies of ICNA's General Members.
    3. The laws of Indiana.
    4. Federal Statute.


  1. Participation rights on ICNA task forces, study groups, and committees.
  2. Participation rights in ICNA-sponsored discussion groups.
  3. Reciprocal web links with ICNA and ICNA members.
  4. Right to display the ICNA logo.
  5. Joint marketing and endorsement opportunities with ICNA and ICNA


  1. A direct invitation from the ICNA Board will be required for associate membership.
  2. As directed by a majority vote of the Board, the Board's secretary shall send a written or electronic invitation to a potential associate member. This invitation shall indicate:
    1. The term of membership is one year, annually renewable at the discretion of the ICNA Board.
    2. The fee of the membership.
    3. The requirements for membership in good standing.
    4. The privileges of membership.
  3. ICNA will only solicit Associate Members who have a statewide presence.
  4. It is expected that general member community networks may solicit local outlets or affiliates of ICNA Associate Members, but they will not solicit these Associate Members at a state or national level.
  5. In advance of soliciting an Associate Member, ICNA will notify the general member community networks of its intent.
  6. In return for its membership fee, an Associate Member will be given a reciprocal link to/from the ICNA website, and to/from any websites of general member community networks which elect to partner with the Associate Me mber.
  7. The ICNA membership fee collected from an Associate Member will be evenly distributed to all general member community networks which have elected to establish appropriate reciprocal links with the Associate Member.
  8. If there is an interest on the part of an Associate Member and general membership community networks, ICNA may also negotiate an advertising agreement with the Associate Member. Fees from such advertising agreements will be distrib uted among the participating general member community networks electing to participate in the agreement.
  9. ICNA will design, produce and maintain State Shopping Mall pages with all of the ICNA Associate Member logos and links, so that general community network members need only to link to this one ICNA page.

Board Policy Manual
Current as of 1/22/97
Section 4.0, Page - 4.0

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