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APPENDIX C: Prospective Associate Members

Private Sector

Ameritech ($2000)
AT&T ($2000)
MCI ($2000)
Sprint ($2000)
GTE ($2000)

IBM ($2000)
Apple ($2000)
Magnavox ($2000)

Sears ($2000)
J.C. Penney ($2000)
Hallmark ($2000)
Radio Shack ($2000)
Toys R Us ($2000)
K-Mart ($2000)

Holiday Inn ($2000)
Marriott ($2000)
Signature Inn ($2000)
Days Inn ($2000)
Motel 6 ($2000)

McDonalds ($2000)
Burger King ($2000)
Dairy Queen ($2000)
Subway ($2000)
Applebees ($2000)
Pizza Hut ($2000)
Wendys ($2000)

Marsh ($2000)
Kroger ($2000)
Coca Cola ($2000)
Pepsi Cola ($2000)

United Airlines ($2000)
Delta Airlines ($2000)
American Airlines ($2000)
Southwest Airlines ($2000)
Greyhound Bus ($2000)

Phillips 66 ($2000)
Union Oil ($2000)
Marathon ($2000)

Internet Service Providers

State Agencies

Indiana Small Business Association ($1000)
Indiana Association of Cities and Towns ($1000)
Indiana Association of Mayors ($1000)
Indiana Association of County Officials ($1000)
Indiana Commission for Higher Education ($1000)
IHETS ($1000)
Indiana University ($1000)
Purdue University ($1000)
Indiana State University ($1000)
Ball State University ($1000)

The following would be expected to be gratis members in return for continued ICNA/community network funding support from the state:

The Indiana Department of Commerce
Indiana Department of Education
Indiana Association of Ed. Service Centers
IN Dept. of Family and Social Services
Indiana Office of Workforce Development
Indiana Department of Health
Indiana Historical Society
Indiana Rural Development Council
Indiana County Extension Agents
Indiana State Police Alliance
Indiana State Library
Indiana State Museum
Indiana State Archives
Indiana Cooperative Library Service Authority (INCOLSA)

Professional Organizations

State Chamber of Commerce Association ($2000)
Indiana Hospital Association ($2000)
IN Assoc. of Internet Service Providers ($1000)
IN Assoc. of Public School Superintendents ($500)
Indiana Association of School Principals ($500)
Indiana Library Federation ($500)
IN Association of Rural Electric Co-ops ($2000)
Indiana School Boards Association ($1000)
Indiana Manufacturers Association ($2000)
Indiana State Teachers Association ($2000)
Indiana Telecommunications Association ($2000)
State Bar Association ($2000)
State Board of Realtors ($2000)
State Medical Association ($2000)
Indiana Sheriff's Association ($500)

Service Organizations

Indiana Arts Commission ($500)
Indiana Humanities Council ($500)
Indiana Wildlife Federation ($500)
The Lilly Foundation ($1000)

Special Interest Groups

Indiana Farm Bureau ($2000)
Indiana Hardwood and Lumber Association ($2000)


[email protected] Interactive (gratis in return for in-kind support)
Hoosier State Press Association ($1000)
Indiana Association of Public Broadcasters ($1000)

The Corp. for Education Communication ($2000)
Indiana National Guard ($1000)
Indiana High School Athletic Association ($2000)
Indiana State Fair Commission ($1000)
Buddy System ($1000)

Potential Revenue: $123,000

Last Revised 6/30/97
Board Policy Manual: Appendix C