Minutes, Indiana Community Network Assn., Feb. 6, 1996.

The Indiana Community Network Association held its first meeting Tuesday, Feb. 6, at the Indiana State Library Auditorium. Attorney Timothy Hollingsworth, who signed the articles of incorporation, enabled the group to elect a board of directors.

Those directors (and initial length of term) are:

The directors then held a meeting, electing the following officers:

The bylaws of the corporation were accepted as amended. Copies, prepared by Timothy Hollingsworth, will be circulated.

Kent Champagne, from the Intelenet Commission, outlined the general plan for a state-wide educational blitz to inform Hoosiers about community networks, about the value of local and state information, and about how the Internet can be used in schools libraries, businesses, and in people's daily lives. Much of the thrust of the campaign will be aimed at educating school boards, library boards and general users about the merits of accessing information electronically.
The campaign, which may begin by July 1, will include an 800 number that can be called to get phonenumbers for local community nets.

Mark Whitman announced that AI will help communities host breakfasts to inform local leaders, government and political officials about resources available to help them provide content to their community network. Communities interested may call Mark, who will help with funding and speakers.

General comments from the membership included:

The next meeting of the board will be on Tuesday, March 5, at 1 p.m. in the state library auditorium. The agenda will include a proposed budget so that efforts to obtain 501(c)3 status may move forward, and discussion on how to share information about the technical details of providing content

--Worth Weller, secretary, 2.6.96

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