ICNA Meeting Notes for February 11, 1997

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The Board of Directors of the Indiana Community Network Association met 1:00 - 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 11 at the INCOLSA office in Indianapolis, with a video link to Evansville and a voice link to Lake County.

Board Members present: Carol Derner (by speaker phone), John Grimmer (by speaker phone), Mike Ney (proxy for Georgia Miller), Mike Ross (proxy for Marci Au via video link to Evansville).

Others present: Katie Frederick (ECICNet), Mary Grogan (LakeNet via speaker phone), Alan Harvey (Access LaPorte County), Kara Wagner (AIIN), Cynthia Wallace (CTLNet), Pam Weaver (Indianapolis Online), John Riemke (Indiana Rural Development Commission), Mark Whitman (Interim Executive Director for ICNA).


Notes of the 1/14/97 meeting were approved.


None given.



ACCESS INDIANA Public Meeting 2/4/97.

Mark Whitman reported that the ACCESS INDIANA public meeting was held 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Tuesday, February 4 in the auditorium of the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an overview of ACCESS INDIANA development to date, and to request public input as to the future direction of ACCESS INDIANA.

In attendance, representing ICNA, were board members Georgia Miller, Marti Miller and John Grimmer. Of specific importance to ICNA, Lt. Governor Kernan and State Superintendent for Public Instruction Suellen Reed awarded $30,000 grants to seven new community networks:

The Midwest Prairie Net (Jasper, Newton and White Counties)

Mr. John Frischie, South Newton Schools
Mr. Fred Berger, St. Joseph's College

DeKalb County Community Network

Mr. Steve Bingham, City of Garrett
Ken Crague, Director of the Butler Carnegie Library

Access Perry County

Mr. Kevin Hunter, Lincoln Trail Elementary School
Ms. Debbie Beavin, Mayor's Office of Tell City
Ms. Kathy Gerber, Perry County Chamber of Commerce

Patoka Lake Area Community Network (Crawford County)

Ms. Kathryn Clodfelter, CREW Technical Services
Ms. Janice Holzbog, Crawford County Library,

Greene County Community Network

Lori Markle, Worthington Public Library

Waynet Community Access (Wayne County)

Mr. Thomas Kirk, Earlham College
Ms. Carol Smyth, Morrison-Reeves Public Library

Whitley County Community Network

Mr. Terry Wherry, City of Columbia City
Ms. Janet Scank, Peabody Library


John Grimmer reported that approximately 2400 brochures were distributed to community networks. He realizes that brochures have not yet been received by Access Evansville, but he will UPS brochures to Marci Au yet this week.

Pam Weaver would like a list of the specific people to whom brochures have been sent within each community. Grimmer and Whitman indicated that they don't think that information can be made available, because of the number of different distributors involved. They can ask for the information, but its completeness will be dependent upon the cooperation of the individual distributors.

Whitman suggested that the individual community nets should not plan on blanket distributions, since they are unsure exactly who has and has not already received a brochure. His suggestion is that community network representatives should take brochures with them to public events, and, distribute them as they find community leaders who have been missed via the initial distribution.

Whitman indicated that it will be helpful to get feedback from the community networks with regard to appropriateness of the brochures and their effectiveness at increasing public awareness about ACCESS INDIANA and community networks among leaders. Katie Fredrick and Alan Harvey both indicated that the brochure is an extremely nice document, and that the numbers they have been supplied appear to be appropriate.

Fredrick asked if there will be anther printing, and Whitman responded that he believes the intention was to print enough brochures (10,000) to last until such time that another updated document probably will be required. The brochure itself is to be updated via the insert materials. Round-Two Community Network Updates (See Item A above).

Intelenet Community Network Liaison Positions -

Mark Whitman distributed portions of the resumes for Allen Herzig and Hallie Bourne, the two individuals who have been recommended to be hired to fill the two Intelenet Community Network Liaison positions. Whitman indicated that Kent Champagne of the Intelenet Commission has taken the lead in soliciting applicants, and that both John Grimmer and Mark Whitman have interviewed four candidates brought to them by Champagne. Both agreed that Bourne and Herzig are acceptable, and they have been recommended to fill the positions.

It is tentatively planned that both will start work February 24. It is anticipated that both will require a week or so to become acclimated with the Commission and their positions, but that each should be out in the field by early March. It is expected that the liaisons will be attending as many local community net meetings as quickly as possible.

Whitman indicated that he expects improving local government participation in community networks is one of the tasks for which these positions will be used. He also indicated that he expects to request the liaisons to do a review of existing community net websites, and to assess each site v. the ICNA standards. He hopes that this undertaking will help to prioritize the standards on which the liaisons will focus their efforts.

Pam Weaver requested that the liaison job descriptions be posted to the web so that the local community network contacts can have a better feel for the services and support the liaisons can be expected to provide.

ICNA Website/URL.

Mark Whitman indicated that the ICNA information has been moved from shared space at the ACCESS INDIANA community network page to its own page at www.icna.ai.org. He also indicated that he will try to get an appropriate gif file of the ICNA logo to the community networks, and each will be asked to use the logo to create a link from their homepage to the ICNA page.

Associate Member Solicitation.

Whitman distributed a draft invitation for potential associate members:

Chair: Mr. John Grimmer, Johnson County Community Network
First Vice-Chair: Marcia Au, Access Evansville
Second Vice-Chair: John Wallace, Boone County Community Network
Treasurer: Georgia Miller, Indianapolis On-Line

February 12, 1997

To: [contact person]

The Indiana Community Network Association (ICNA) is the largest association of its kind, with 25 member community networks serving Indiana, and the expectation of 10+ new members in 1997. ICNA is presently a state-supported association created to provide guidance and coherence to the on-going development of community networks in Indiana. It is expected that ICNA will be self-supporting within the next two years, and to this end, the ICNA Board is offering Associate Memberships that will allow ICNA to establish strategic alliances with organizations such as yours.

The annual fee for your associate membership ($xxx) will be distributed among the ICNA members to support their continued development. In return, ICNA will develop an on-line Associate Member Directory, which will display the corporate logos of the Associate Members with on-line links to their corporate homepages. Each ICNA member network will provide its users direct access to the Associate Member Directory, and, with ICNA member community networks already being accessed thousands of times each day, your Associate Membership will provide your company enormous on-line exposure and advertising for a very minimal investment.

ICNA member community networks must meet strict organizational and content requirements, and ICNA member boards are comprised of the most respected business, educational, government, and public service leaders in their communities. By your association with ICNA and its member community networks, you will be insuring that your corporate image is being held to the highest of standards.

We hope that you will take the time to get to know ICNA better, and that you will elect to commit your organization as an ICNA Associate Member. You are welcome to review ICNA's policies and organizational information at www.icna.ai.org, and to visit our member websites, which can be reached via www.ai.org. Questions regarding ICNA and/or its members can be directed to Dr. Mark Whitman, Executive Director, [email protected] or (317) 463-9130. Membership checks should be made out to The Indiana Community Network Association, and mailed to Georgia B. Miller, Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis, 902 W. New York ES-0010, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5157.

Thank you for your kind consideration of this matter, and we look forward to receiving your response.

Mark Whitman, Executive Director
Indiana Community Network Association
[email protected]

Pam Weaver indicated that the letter should be amended so that it does not create the expectation that all community network members will participate. For example, she stated that Indianapolis Online will not be participating if the Board keeps its current level of associate member fees and continues to require a link by from the community net to the ICNA Associate Member Directory. She indicated that the revenue that Indianapolis Online will receive from the ICNA associate member fees will not be enough to justify creating the one link to the directory.

Weaver suggested that the Board should not send invitations to the potential members until it had further considered the fees to be charged and the service to be offered by ICNA members. Weaver indicated that the fees are too low, and the members are providing too much in return. Michael Ney moved that the associate member policies be further reviewed at the March meeting, and that the invitations be delayed until after this review. The motion passed 4-0.


  1. Possible Community Network Development Partnership Between ICNA and IRDC.

    John Riemke described how the IRDC has worked with ACCESS INDIANA over the past year to improve the participation of rural communities in community network development. Riemke indicated that the IRDC challenged 39 rural counties to participate in the second round of ACCESS INDIANA community network funding, and this leadership led to 7 rural counties being among the 14 that should receive second-round grants.

    In addition, he provided a list of more rural counties that are presently interested in development community networks.


    However, given the fact that ACCESS INDIANA probably will not be sponsoring any further formal funding programs for community networks, the IRDC is interested in seeking a partnership with ICNA to continue to develop community networks in rural areas of the state.

    It was decided that Mark Whitman and John Riemke should schedule a community network development workshop to which representatives of the prospective rural communities will be invited. The purpose of the workshop will be to give each of the community teams a perspective of what is required to form a community network, and to finish with the development of a specific plan each team can take home to guide their organizational efforts.

    It was agreed that each community must commit to sending a representative of education, a representative of the public library and a representative of the local Chamber of Commerce, before they will be allowed to participate. Riemke and Whitman will attempt to have Greg Wilson of the Intelenet Commission, Ray Ewick of the State Library and both Community Network Liaisons present. Riemke will attempt to assign one member of the IRDC Technology Task Force to each community team, and Whitman will try to match each community team with a mentor community network from ICNA.

    It is hoped that from the workshop, development and operational costs can be estimated for each potential community network, and, if a network can complete the requirements established for an ICNA endorsement, that ICNA will assist the network team in requesting start up funding from ACCESS INDIANA.

  2. Hometown.net Request To Join ICNA.

    Mark Whitman presented a request from Hometown.net to join ICNA. Discussion was held about ICNA's policies and procedures for admitting new networks. It was agreed that ICNA needs to be an open organization that welcomes new members; however, it will be important that ICNA members be readily associated with certain standards. Because this is the first request and it will establish precedent for subsequent requests, the Board decided to table action until specific guidelines procedures can be established.

    Mark Whitman suggested that he put together a draft document that can be used for formal membership requests, so that a uniform process is used for submitting requests. He also suggested that a standing committee be created to review applications, and to make recommendations to the Board. These suggestions were accepted, and Whitman will report back at the March meeting.

  3. Filling Worth Weller's Vacant Board Position.

    Carol Derner nominated Alan Harvey to fill the Board position vacated by Worth Weller. The motion was seconded, and passed unanimously (4-0). Harvey will complete Weller's term, which expires Tuesday, May 6, 1997.

  4. Legislative Oversight.

    Michael Ney asked if ICNA has any mechanism in place for monitor legislative actions that might impact community networks. Mark Whitman indicated that ICNA does not. Pam Weaver suggested that ICNA should consider engaging the services of Laura Arnold, a friend of Weaver.

    Kara Wagner briefly described legislative watch services offered by AIIN. These include:

    1. General Assembly: General Assembly information is available including Bills in all formats, committee calendars & members. This information is updated hourly & is available free to everyone.
    2. BillWatch: BillWatch is a monitoring service. The user tells AIIN which keywords or Bill numbers to monitor. Whenever any of these bills or any bills containing the keywords change in status or wording, the user is notified by e-mail or e-mail plus alpha-numeric page. The number of items the user can select is unlimited. Bills are scanned hourly for changes.

      BillWatch is password-protected. A subscription is $50 per year. Up to 10 people from the same company (or community net) may be listed under 1 subscription. Each of these people receives a confidential password for a total of $50. Once you have a password, you may access any premium service area, including BillWatch.

      The recurring cost for BillWatch with e-mail-only notification is $50/month. The cost for BillWatch with e-mail plus paging notification is $149/month.

    3. Legislative Impact: This is an area that may be added to the ICNA homepage to enable your group to identify Bills etc. of interest & improve communications with members.

      The entire page is customized to meet your needs & interests. You select the Bills you'd like your group to respond to. You may also develop survey questions for members to answer, include fiscal impact data, create a list-serve, identify legislators to contact, provide an ICNA position statement, etc. etc. We can include (or not include) anything you would like.

      In order to protect the confidentiality of the issues, position statements, and comments etc. this area will be password protected. Password-protecting will also insure that non-ICNA members will not submit comments into your data.

      AIIN assumes the responsibility for coding passwords for access into an association's homepage. To do that, all we would need is a listing of who you would like access provided to. When these individuals submit their subscriptions, we will program their passwords appropriately.

      These services could enable ICNA a way to stay on top of new or pending legislation, as well as a convenient way of communicating. Additionally, the legislative surveys & fiscal impact sections could provide impressive documentation for AIIN and/or an AIIN lobbyist to use when discussing issues with legislators & public officials.

      It was agreed that the Board will entrust John Grimmer to secure the services of Laura Arnold and/or AIIN, as he sees fit on behalf of ICNA.

  5. Conferences.

    Pam Weaver asked whether or not ICNA has developed any policies and/or procedures for how the organization will be represented at conferences. Whitman responed that no such policies or procedures have yet been developed.

  6. To-Dos.

    Georgia Miller is to finalize an ICNA account at IUPUI, and to immediately notify Mark Whitman and John Grimmer so that funds can be transferred into the account.

    John Grimmer and Mark Whitman are to see if they can provide community networks more specific information as to who has received brochures within their communities.

    Mark Whitman will request the Intelenet Commission to post the job descriptions for the liaisons.

    Mark Whitman will disseminate the ICNA logo to member community networks, and ask that the logo be displayed on their homepages.

    Mark Whitman will work with John Riemke to set up a community network workshop for teams from rural Indiana counties.

    Mark Whitman will draft a document for ICNA membership requests, and will try to set up a standing task force to review such requests.

    John Grimmer will take action with regard to monitoring legislative services.

    Mark Whitman will draft initial conference policy and prcedureal guidelines for Board review at the March meeting.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Next Meeting

1:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 11 at INCOLSA in Indianapolis.

This meeting is open to the public, and community network members are especially invited to attend and participate in discussions.

Tentative Agenda

I. Approval of notes from previous meeting.

II. Treasurer's Report.

III. Claims.

IV. Old Business

    1. Marketing Brochure Distribution.
    2. Round-Two Community Network Funding.
    3. Intelenet Commission Community Network Liaison Positions.
    4. Intelenet Commission State Backbone RFI.
  2. Associate Memberships.
  3. Rural Network Workshop.
  4. New Member Requests.
  5. Distribution of ICNA Logos to Members.
  6. Legislative Oversight.
V. New Business.
  1. Policy and procedures for ICNA organizational representation at conferences.

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