ICNA Board Minutes
April 8, 1996

John Grimmer, Marti Miller, and Worth Weller met at the INCOLSA office in Indianapolis, with Marcia Au present by video conference, and Roger Whaley and Carol Derner present by telephone conference. Tim Holt of INCOLSA was also present.

The group hammered out the following rough mission and goals statement, for circulation and comment:

The mission of ICNA is to facilitate the establishment, enhancement, and cooperation of community telecomputing networks across Indiana.

Goals established to accomplish this mission include:

  1. provide resources and support to emerging networks
    a. objective: long-distance consulting assistance, via e-mail, INCOLSA video conferencing, IHETS, and other cutting edge technologies
    b. objective: on-site consulting, both by volunteers and referrals
    c. objective: development and procurement of a video library

  2. develop cooperative strategies for existing community networks
    a. objective: develop a constantly emerging paradigm for content
    b. objective: share solutions for accessing content
    c. objective: share information on progressive financial and technical models

  3. educate potential users and content providers to the value of community networking
    a. objective: facilitate access to a common curriculum to train trainers
    b. objective: provide training consultants (volunteers and referrals)
    c. objective: develop a common access path to a state map of community networks
    d. objective: press service and electronic newsletter (fax and e-mail)
In other business the board wrestled with the issue of how much funding would be required to accomplish the above and how the funding would be achieved. By consensus the group felt that ICNA can not long stand as a volunteer organization, hence a budget must be established with a professional infrastructure in mind. Roger Whaley suggested a combination of membership dues and referral fees. Possibly the dues for associate members, i.e., those who wanted to do business with the members, could be substantially higher in exchange for the referral business and the "free advertising" that would come with such membership.

John Grimmer reported that he is a non-voting member of the Intelenet commission workgroup on community Networks, by virtue of his being president of ICNA. The Intelenet group basically is overseeing the second round of AI grants and is not serving the same function as ICNA, although communication between the two groups is necessary to avoid duplication of missions and services.

The board will meet on Tuesday, May 14, at 10 a.m. in the small conference room adjacent to the State Library auditorium to finalize the mission and goals statement and to hammer out a budget and dues structure to present to the membership meeting that follows at 1 p.m.. The board will break for lunch at the state cafeteria behind the library.

Worth Weller 4.8.96

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