The Indiana Community Network Association met Tuesday, July 2, at the State Library to review a proposed budget request.

After considerable discussion about the pros and cons of creating a professional organization, the expense budget prepared by the budget committee (chaired by ICNA treasurer Georgia Miller) was adopted. The following budget is organized to match ICNA╣s mission and goals statement which had been reviewed at earlier meetings as well as on the listserv.

Expense budget:

Goal 1 - Incubation for new CNs
Publishing: $10,000
Video library procurement: $2,000
Video development: $5,000
SUBTOTAL: $17,000

Goal 2 - Nurturing
Fund raising and grant writing: $10,000
Surveys: $5,000
Developing sharable models: $5,000
Developing performance measurement tools: $1,000
SUBTOTAL: $21,000

Goal 3 - Partnerships
Person to go to national conference: $2,000
Equipment support for workshops: $1,500
Exhibit space, booths at conferences: $1,500
One time cost for ICNA exhibit: $5,000
Demo project for ADA and low income access: $1,000
SUBTOTAL: $11,000

Goal 4 - Advocacy
Tracking legislation - $2,000

Annual business meeting: $1,000
monthly board meetings (travel and video conferencing): $7,200
Home page, etc.: $7,000
E-mail and listservs: $2,400
Site: $400
Domain names: $150
Advertising and printing: $3,000
Production tools (workstation, etc.): $11,500
On-site consulting for new CN sites: $4,000
On-site consulting for nurturing existing CN sites: $4,000
Executive director salary, admin. support and fringes: $80,000
Office furniture: $5,600
SUBTOTAL $126,250

Contingency: $2,750

TOTAL: $180,000

John Wallace observed that the budget represented considerably more tasks than his board felt or expected should come out of ICNA

Michael Chui said he felt it was a large sum to be asking for without an aggressive funding plan.

John Grimmer asked who would do the above tasks if ICNA didn╣t.

Marti Miller said she felt ICNA was meant to be a professional organization speaking to and for a broad constituency, and hence required a professional budget.

Georgia Miller said the budget was determined by the goals and mission statement, and if this is what was necessary to meet the mission and goals, then it should be passed.

Several comments were made that dues could not fund such an organization, particularly since the community networks were struggling to get going and would struggle to stay alive once the AI grants were used up.

Worth Weller suggested selling │location advertising▓ and also having a steep dues structure for businesses, consultants and the like.

John Grimmer asked for more exploration of a value added fee for information streams. This prompted comment from Michael Chui who said it wasn╣t at all clear who owned what information and why such │owners▓ would be willing to pass a portion of their revenue on to ICNA.

Marti Miller moved to pass the budget as presented and Georgia Miller seconded.
It was determined there were 10 community networks represented at the meeting and a vote was called for. The motion passed 9-1, with Michael Chui voting against.

In other businesses: A motion was made by Carol Derner to adopt the Mission and Goals statement with several editorial amendments (see separate document). Motion passed unanimously. Kent Champagne, from the Intelnet commission, reported that Asher agency of Ft. Wayne had won the bid for AI╣s marketing promotion. John Grimmer is representing ICNA to the Intelenet marketing effort. Kara Wagner, from the Access Indiana Information Network, suggested that local community networks target their own marketing calendar around the state-wide marketing effort.

The next ICNA meeting will be at the INCOLSA office on 62nd St. in Indianapolis on Tuesday, Aug. 6. Several video sites will be available. John Grimmer will post a map and details to the icna-m listserv.

--Worth Weller ([email protected])

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