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The ICNA Board has passed a motion to allow the Board to transact business via the Internet. Below is the text of the motion, discussion, and a record of the vote.

PASSED 3/12/97
VOTE: 8-0

A motion to permit ELECTRONIC MEETINGS:

Roger Whaley moves that: Directors may participate in meetings of the Board of Directors by electronic means, including but not limited to the use of electronic mail (email), facsimile (fax), and conference telephone or similar communications means. Participation by such means shall constitute in person at such meetings.

Any action of the Board of Directors taken at an electronic meeting where a majority of the Board of Directors participate shall constitute the action of the Board of Directors. Electronic motions that are duly seconded May be accepted by the Board of Directors for consideration except when a Director states an objection to the specific motion by written or electronic means. Objections shall be directed to the President of the Board of Directors.

Action by the individual members of the Board of Directors shall be posted to the Secretary of the Board of Directors at the listserve address of [email protected] and the record of the vote thereafter posted to the written minutes of the Board of Directors by the Secretary.

End of motion.

Seconded by John Grimmer.


Georgia Miller:
This seems to be a motion to change the by-laws - is that correct? If so, I assume the vote is for the full board, which means the C2k-IOL representative - Mike Ney? In either case, do I vote or not (I vote on Board matters, not full representation votes).

Mark Whitman:
Georgia, your question is a good one. It is my suggestion that the motion will establish the guidelines for conducting business on-line, which should then be incorporated into Section 2 of the Board Policies. If this is in fact the case, then the voting body is the Board of which you are a member.

Given this interpretation, I vote AYE


Marcia Au AYE
Carol Derner AYE
Alan Harvey AYE
John Grimmer AYE
Georgia Miller AYE
Marti Miller AYE
John Wallace AYE
Roger Whaley AYE

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