Indiana Community Network Association

On a vote of 6-0, the Indiana Community Network Association Board has authorized Mark Whitman to send the following letter out to prospective Associative Members of the ICNA.

Chair: Mr. John Grimmer, Johnson County Community Network
First Vice-Chair: Marcia Au, Access Evansville
Second Vice-Chair: John Wallace, Boone County Community Network
Treasurer: Georgia Miller, Indianapolis On-Line

April 2, 1997

To: [contact person]

The Indiana Community Network Association (ICNA) is the largest association of its kind, with 24 member community networks serving Indiana, and the expectation of additional new members in coming months. ICNA is presently a state-supported association created to provide guidance and coherence to the on-going development of community networks in Indiana. It is expected that ICNA will be self-supporting within the next two years.

As true community networks, it is the goal of the ICNA member networks to represent the entirety of their communities, to include their corporate and business partners. Strong support for business and economic development are key goals for ICNA community networks, and to this end, the ICNA Board is offering Associate Corporate Memberships that will establish strategic alliances between the community networks of Indiana and organizations such as yours.

The annual fee for your associate membership ($xxx) will be distributed among the ICNA members to support their continued development. In return, ICNA will develop an on-line Associate Member Directory, which will display the corporate logos of the Associate Members with on-line links to their corporate homepages. Each ICNA member network will provide its users direct access to the Associate Member Directory, and, with ICNA member community networks already being accessed thousands of times each day, your Associate Membership will provide your company enormous on-line exposure and advertising for a very minimal investment.

ICNA member community networks must meet strict organizational and content requirements, and ICNA member boards are comprised of the most respected business, educational, government, and public service leaders in their communities. By your association with ICNA and its member community networks, you will be insuring that your corporate image is being held to the highest of standards.

We hope that you will take the time to get to know ICNA better, and that you will elect to commit your organization as an ICNA Associate Member. You are welcome to review ICNA's policies and organizational information at, and to visit our member websites, which can be reached via Questions regarding ICNA and/or its members can be directed to Dr. Mark Whitman, Executive Director, [email protected] or (317) 463-9130. Membership checks should be made out to The Indiana Community Network Association, and mailed to Georgia B. Miller, Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis, 902 W. New York ES-0010, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5157.

Thank you for your kind consideration of this matter, and we look forward to receiving your response.
Mark Whitman, Executive Director
Indiana Community Network Association
[email protected]

Carol Derner - Aye
John Grimmer - Aye
Alan Harvey - Aye
Georgia Miller - Did not vote
Marti Miller - Aye
John Wallace -Aye
Roger Whaley - Aye

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