Minutes from the May 1999 Annual Meeting


Carol Derner - LakeNet (ICNA Board Member)
Allen Hertzig - INDICO
Jane Holman - WayNet
Terry McCain - Boone County Community Network (ICNA Board Member)
Michael Ney - Indianapolis Online (ICNA Board Member)
Karen St. John - Intellinet
Rose Kelsey Traylor - Indiana State Library
Pam Weaver - Indianapolis Online
Darcie Dudeck Webster - INDICO

The meeting was called to order by Mike Ney at 10 am in the Auditorium of the Indiana State Library.

Financial report:

Mike reported that ICNA has a balance of $43,928.42 in the ICNA account. The primary expenditures over the last few months have been for fees to prepare the ICNA taxes.

Operational update:

Mike had been sent some info on a grant that was available for rural locations and telemedicine--he will post the info to the ICNA list.

Mike read the emails of those who had posted to the ICNA-m list prior to the meeting (Kathryn Clodfelter from Crawford County Community Network, David Ernst from HoosierNet, Donn Bly from Dekalb County Community Netowork, and Steve Peterka from Access LaPorte County). In the messages, several mentioned the possibility of holding on-line meetings. Mike commented that over the course of the past few years that ICNA has been in existence that things have changed quite a bit, and that the model of how we conduct meetings in the future could change to an on-line format.

Mike then asked each person in attendance to give a short update on what was happening in her/his organization. The following is a brief summary of highlights from those updates:

Pam Weaver from Indianapolis Online: Indianapolis Online is now all volunteer. Pam currently works for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau. She reported that Indianapolis Online has been working with the Indianapolis Foundation to establish a Technology Fund as one of the accounts that the Foundation manages. Pam is working with a committee to determine how the fund will be set up and the funds distributed.

Jane Holman from WayNet: Jane is working to gain additional members and the membership in WayNet has been growing. She described several membership levels that are offered--Waynet has 2 memberships at the $1000 "Gold" level! Waynet has partnered with a local radio station to provide daily online news.

Mike Ney from Indianapolis Online: Mike mentioned that as part of his ICNA-related activities that he has participated in activities with the Indiana State Library Association.

Rose Kelsey Traylor from the Indiana State Library: Rose reported that the State Library has been awarding grants for libraries to create technology plans, carry out Y2K updates, and install LANs. She mentioned that approximately half of the libraries with web sites have their catalogs accessible on-line. She also mentioned that many promote INSPIRE on their sites.

Terry McCain from Boone County Community Network: Terry reported that the past year has been a growing year for BCCN. BCCN is providing mailing lists for organizations and has added virtual postcards to the site. BCCN recently submitted a grant application to the Community Foundation of Boone County and is waiting to hear about the status of the grant.

Carol Derner of LakeNet: LakeNet is on the "short list" for a grant from the Lake County Community Foundation. They also have 5 kiosks to place in the community.

INDICO/Intellinet Update:

Karen St. John from Intellinet reported on the redesign of the INDICO site and new features that are available. She also discussed several pieces of legislation that Intellinet had followed in the State Legislature this past session that dealt with Internet-related issues. She briefly described several of the bills. Karen reported that Intellinet is exploring the option of providing access to electronic commerce for community networks and will keep us apprised of that option.

Allen Herzig and Darcie Webster from INDICO: Allen and Darcie reported on the status of several new and potential community networks in the state. Allen and Darcie are working to help new community networks become established. Allen also mentioned that INDICO would love to feature new ideas and features that community networks have implemented on the INDICO web site's "What's New" page.

Consideration of Grant Proposal:

Those present discussed several different options on what could be done with some of the ICNA funds--grants, legal services, blanket non-profit status, etc. Consensus of those present was to first proceed with filling board positions, collect the next year's dues, and then continuing the discussion with the board and the ICNA members online.

Election of Board Members/Officers:

Two board positions need to be filled due to expiring terms: the position held by Debby Beavin and the position held by Mike Ney. Mike Ney and Pam Weaver were nominated. Discussion followed and those present agreed that a message would be posted to the ICNA-m list asking for other nominations --only community nets who show as having paid dues are eligible to participate in the board elections. Community nets will have one week to respond if they are opposed to the slate offered. Barring any opposition, those nominated would fill the board positions. The board would then elect officers. Pam Weaver suggested an online meeting of the board using the software available on Yahoo. She will send more information to the board.

ICNA Web Site:

Terry McCain will maintain and update the ICNA web site. Access Indiana recently relocated the ICNA web site to be within the AI firewall, and assigned a new password and ID for the site. Terry did some quick updates to the site before the ICNA annual meeting, and information on the annual meeting was posted.


Dues collection and an official ICNA "members only" email list were discussed. Those present discussed whether the current dues of $100 should be lowered. General consensus among those present was to leave it as is.

It was decided that once board positions were filled, then invoices would be sent to all community nets with a date by which dues are due. The list of paid community nets will be used to allow access to the new ICNA list that Pam Weaver set up after last year's annual meeting. That list will replace the ICNA-m list as the "official" list for ICNA. A representative of any dues paying community network may submit a list to Pam of the people from their community network that may subscribe to the new ICNA list. Pam will use that list to approve subscribers as they join. The ICNA Board will approve the list of others who may join (Intellinet staff, INDICO staff, State Library staff, etc.) The new ICNA list will be used to conduct the official ICNA business (further online discussion of ICNA grants, future ICNA direction, etc.).

Additional discussion followed as what qualifications that a community network must meet to join ICNA. Several criteria were discussed: a community network must be non-profit; the community network must have broad community representation on the community network's board of directors; a community network must pay the ICNA dues of $100; and the community network must be a provider of community information.

The meeting was then adjourned.