Minutes from the July 2001 Annual Meeting

July 12, 2001
Intelenet Office, Indianapolis

Attending: Robin Gray, Columbus Area Visitors Center; Jon Ritterbush , Hancock County Community Network; Suetta Fischer , Crawford County Community Network; Jerry Ramsey, Crawford County Community Network; Darrel Potter, SCICAN; Jane Holman, Waynet; Terry McCain, Boone County Community Network; Darcie Webster, IN-map.net/Intelenet; Kathryn Clodfelter, Crawford County Community Network (joined midway through meeting).

Call to Order and Introductions: the meeting was called to order shortly after 10 a.m. by ICNA president, Terry McCain. She welcomed everyone to the meeting, and everyone around the table introduced themselves to the group.

Financial Report: Terry passed out copies of the General Ledger summary of the ICNA account from Kent Champagne covering the period from January 1, 2000 to December 2000. Since the report had been generated, two additional items had been submitted to Kent. The first was a dues check for deposit from Hancock County Community Network for $100, and the second was an invoice for payment of lawyer's fee to Henderson Dailey for work performed on 10-11-99 (firm provided ICNA with electronic version of ICNA By-laws). The ending balance for December 31, 2000 was $43,501.34.

Operational Update:

Board of Directors:

Community Network Updates (very brief notes on the excellent discussion follow):

Board of Directors (postponed from earlier in meeting): The group had to quickly wrap things up by 2 pm since another meeting was scheduled in the room. During this wrap up, Jane Holman was selected as the new President for ICNA. Congratulations Jane! Other remaining agenda items will be handled by email or via the discussion board on the web site.

The meeting was adjourned shortly before 2 pm. A big thanks for Darcie Webster for hosting the meeting.